The Story of the Suggars and the Wotters

This is the prose version of The Suggars and the Wotters. I’m just taking my baby-steps into the world of poetry, so I’m sure I may not have made much sense there (not to mention the desperate attempts at rhyme). I thought I’d do a prose version of the story as well. So here goes: This was one of those simple times when sugar wasn’t the demon that it is seen as today; the necessary... continue reading →

The Suggars and the Wotters

Certain actions make us think. Some of them even disturb us. Some disturb us so much that we start to think. Here’s a little poem-like thing (I’m just beginning to write such things; bear with me for a while, please) about how our ignorance makes way for arrogance, and we fail to see the bigger picture. This is a small attempt at metaphor. Call it science, or call it philosophy; let me know if it... continue reading →

On being a man in a patriarchal world

I recently read a news report on how the fans of one of South India’s leading actors stooped down and trolled the editor-in-chief of a very popular news outlet in South India, who made a remark on the actor. Tonight, I read an article by Sowmya Rajendran, about what a woman goes through in our society, since the time she hits puberty. (The quotes in the post are from the said article.) With a picture... continue reading →

Chaos within fort walls

Upraised guards. Unsheathed swords. Upright batons. Unconquerable corps. Yet, there’s terror; chaos. Yet, everything is an attack surface, everyone is an attacker. Yet, somehow, everyone is a victim. Yet, everyone cries. Cries. Cries for peace. Cries for quiet. Cries for order. Cries. Cries from everywhere. Cries and chaos, and, Cries are all that’s there. It’s either war, or something worse. Insecurity. Why? Oh, I wish we’d asked that question every time we’d heard something—anything. If... continue reading →

Nudging Towards Mass Dissatisfaction

Journalists, they say, have a very important role to play in a democracy. The press is the fourth pillar of democracy (the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary being the other three). In a way, it is also the journalists that keep crime in check. It is them who ensure corporations don’t become too greedy—greedy enough to step on the shoes of the masses. It is them who ensure that the politicians do their job.... continue reading →