Migrating my blog

Change is necessary, even though the statement sounds like a helpless cliché. Today, I decided to migrate my personal blog from Blogger to Jekyll (just like how we migrated Meraki Post). This migration was supposed to be much simpler. There were only two things I had to do: Export-import the posts to the new system Move the domain over to ramiyer.me. However, after I’d migrated all the posts into the new environment, I realised the... continue reading →

Keep the change

Every Facebook frequenter (at least in India) comes across this post every now and then, which bashes our government for being hostile to the farmers. It goes something like this: At the vegetable market in the morning:‘How much is that cabbage?’‘Twenty rupees a kilo.’‘That’s too expensive; how about I give you fifteen?’At Domino’s for lunch with colleagues:‘How much is a medium pizza?’‘That would be two hundred and eighty-five rupees.’‘Here, three hundred; keep the change.’Status update... continue reading →

What ticks storytellers

Just like I’ve mentioned in my upcoming book, the time we became a storyteller was probably when we narrated something that happened to us, to our mother. The moment we became fiction storytellers was when we lied for the first time in our lives. So, basically, we’re all storytellers. <p>Being a writer is something very closely related to storytelling. Except that story-telling is about speech and hearing, whereas writing uses a whole different kind of... continue reading →

Bringing back focus

As the revolution continues, I see that some of us have lost focus. And then there are some of our usual politicians doing and saying stupid things. And this has distracted some of us fighting for the cause. Also, obviously, there are a lot of misunderstandings about Jallikattu, about the “South Indians” (such a relief there’s no usage of the term, “Madrasi”). So here I am, contributing my two cents to clear some air around... continue reading →

The Bundle of Coins

Painted pots and pot bellies, veshti-clad men, bright colours, fresh sugarcane, and the chant of Pongal-o-Pongal are common to Pongal every year. However, there’s been a new addition to the tradition over the last decade or so: ban on Jallikkattu, terming it a torture and injustice to animals. People who already know me, know that I’m against animal torture, which is also why I’m a vegetarian. And I’m the kind of vegetarian who doesn’t even... continue reading →