A Conversation

A few days ago, I lost an uncle of mine. The loss was hard, especially given that he was one among the few strictly rational individuals — someone who could think straight even in the face of death. I won’t ramble on. Here is a write-up he shared with me when I visited him after a major attack. Without any further ado, over to the memory of Uncle Sampath: Chennai, 2015 It all started around 2:45 in... continue reading →

My First 100 km Bicycle Ride

Before I start, let me mention, very clearly, that I’m just a beginner cyclist. Sometimes I like to push myself to my limits to see where I stand. As I go through these experiences, I learn more about myself, and this post is just an observation, thinking it might help someone looking to go on a long bicycle ride; some things to consider, some facts, and probable best practices. It had been long since I’d... continue reading →

The Secret Store of Oxygen

My weekends over the last month have been really great. There was this one during which we went to Mystery Rooms and played Abduction (thereby burning a hole in our pockets), the next one during which we went to Sakleshpur and had a blast. The last weekend wasn’t so eventful apart from riding my bike for a long distance and chilling out. And of course, binge-watching movies with my brother. One movie I watched during... continue reading →

My Take on Pari

Movies I seldom watch; review them I almost never do. (Except saying whether I liked a certain movie or not.) This is probably my first-of-its-kind post. Now this is not a movie review—it is what I saw in the movie that most of people with whom I spoke about this movie didn’t seem to see. I usually avoid the so-called “horror” movies for the sheer stupidity, lack of a meaningful story and innovation—they can’t differentiate... continue reading →

Is it ever too late?

This post comes from Amdavad! (Non-Amdavadis know it as Ahmedabad.) Yay, how exciting, right? The ideal city to live in in India and all! Anyway, let’s not get into political debates. Dad would read this and then would give me a stare from over his reading glasses and say in a stern voice, ‘Son, what have I told you about politics and religion?’ Yesterday, I wrote a review of The Big Switch: It is never... continue reading →