Time to rethink print media

Having stopped watching TV news years ago, I see those noisy faces is in meme content. While they are fun to watch in short spurts, they are also a constant reminder of what journalism has come down to in our country in this age. When Rahul Shivshankar said what he said, I heard him as meaning, ‘Look, if you want news, read the morning newspaper.’ (I would not take his suggestion on which newspaper to read, though.

Transparency on ventilator

I am wary of all politicians, no matter what party they belong to, what ideology they promote, or any other quality of a political party you can think of. Even if my dear grandmother were a politician, I would be wary of her; more so if she held power. Let us keep politics aside, because politics is politics—a game of whataboutery and other fallacies. Let us talk human life for once.

Democracies fail

I am not in a Utopian world. If you are reading this post, you live in my world as well. Let us talk, citizen to citizen, you and I. And by that I do not mean Indian citizen to Indian citizen. You and I are in a world where democracies are failing. And we have no one other than ourselves to blame for it. I am an Indian, and I boast about belonging to the largest democracy in the world.

What Justice

The number of Bollywood stars to die in three months was abnormally high in the second quarter of this year. Death of any human is sad. The circumstances of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput were salt to the wound. I subscribe to The Hindu, and the story did not get much prominence. I wondered why, because the news of the death of Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor had smacked us right in our face.

COVID and Credibility

One week is a long time sometimes. I have been waiting for some five days to make this post. On Tuesday that I received a message in one of the WhatsApp groups that I am part of, questioning the credibility of the WHO. Speaking of WhatsApp, I gave a talk at work about being a drop-out of the WhatsApp University. Check out the redone home version of the video here if it interests you.

Hello, Hugo

My blogs have been built with static site generators for a long time now. When I first got this domain and configured my WordPress blog to use it, a friend told me about Jekyll, the most popular static site generator. Static site generators are known for their uncomplicated nature, load speed and security. How? This is something any piece of writing that introduces you to static site generators will tell you—when you open a blog post on Medium or WordPress or Tumblr, the Medium, WordPress or Tumblr server takes in your request to serve a page, generates a page just for you and serves it.

Prevent COVID-19

Unlock 1.0 sounded like a great move. No doubt, a necessary move. The lockdown had made our economy plunge, stranded the poor and the needy across the country, and the new normal started to prove detrimental to us as a system. Of course, some of our cities handled the situation better than the others. Bangalore was one of them. Starting from the healthcare workers to the regular citizens, everybody who could, contributed to alleviating each other’s troubles in their own ways.

How to take on China

My previous post gives a gist of what it would take to boycott goods of Chinese origin. Meanwhile, as tensions mount at the border, the national sentiment in our country is touching new levels every day. I even saw videos showing people throw away products of Chinese origin that they own. My brother was quick to point out—as usual—the folly in the act: ‘What’s the point? They’d already paid for the product; China has their money anyway.

Can we be free of Chinese goods

Ever since Prime Minister Modi made his speech on the 12th of May 2020, Aatmanirbhar started trending. My Facebook newsfeed showed countless memes and what not, about boycotting Chinese products. Some even questioned my bravery to be able to say no to Made in China. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Postcard English (@postcard_news) The current situation What do we import from China?

Are you an atheist

Today, I watched a rather curious video on Facebook, called, The Atheist Delusion. A decent piece of work. Here is a gist of what happens in the video: A person—let us call him ‘Jim’—goes to different people asking them if they were atheists. The people answer in the affirmative. Jim hands them a colour-printed picture book and asks them if the book created itself—if the colours somehow fell from the sky creating those pictures, and then black ink fell from somewhere forming those letters with the capitalisation, punctuation and all.