On Reduction

One language, one religion, and one common enemy. This post is one among three in the series: On Reduction On Sub-nationalism On Unification Historian and columnist Ramchandra Guha did an hour-long talk on how nationalism is a nineteenth-century European phenomenon, and how Indian nationalism was founded on the exact opposite principles. He went on to say how we seem to be gradually moving towards the said model of European nationalism, by looking for one language,... continue reading →

#MeToo and somewhere, #ItWasMe

Did you click on the link to the post? Did you read the whole post? How many #MeToo posts did you (actually) read? How many of you know what the whole #MeToo campaign is about? Did you not read the post because you already knew what it was? As usual, the situation is multi-faceted. To start with, the #MeToo campaign was about women (and in some cases, men) coming out and telling the world that... continue reading →

Religion and Science

In my last post about being God-fearing, I referred to a branch thought. That was about the conflict between religion and science. There are many who believe that religion and science are interconnected, and that they’re both trying to say the same thing, but in different tongues. One day, I sat down to think, how far is it true? The very next instant, I got the answer, ‘It’s completely true!’ I asked, ‘How?’ Certain things... continue reading →

God-fearing and God-loving

In my English class in high school, my teacher, while teaching us a lesson—a story by our beloved R.K. Narayan—talked about the qualities that our society considered good. One of those qualities that he mentioned was fear of God. As in, ‘A God-fearing man’. I’ve been a non-religious person at least over the last decade of my life. I go to temples and churches and all; I don’t have a problem with God. I simply don’t... continue reading →

The Story of the Suggars and the Wotters

This is the prose version of The Suggars and the Wotters. I’m just taking my baby-steps into the world of poetry, so I’m sure I may not have made much sense there (not to mention the desperate attempts at rhyme). I thought I’d do a prose version of the story as well. So here goes: This was one of those simple times when sugar wasn’t the demon that it is seen as today; the necessary... continue reading →