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The World of Automation Today (Part 3)

Having had the communication and the build taken care of, we wanted a streamline social communication as well. This was a relatively new thought. And this part is so small, we could do a mini case study within this post. So let’s dig in. Communication Social communication is an important part of running a blog. Given the dwindling number of readers today, it’s all the more important to reach the right audience, and in good number.

The World of Automation Today (Part 2)

In the previous post in the series, we saw an overview of what we’ve done over at our blog to handle team communication. I did not give a complete listing or an in-depth idea of how we’ve enabled team communication using Slack. It was purposeful, considering that the series is just an overview of what automation can help us achieve, or what are the small ways we can start at implementing automation.

The World of Automation Today (Part 1)

Hey, there! It’s good to be back here. The everchanging world of IT is keeping us all on our toes. And the sub-world within IT that I’m part of, is evolving at a rate faster than we’re used to. We’re moving further into automation, and a faster rate than before. So what better a time to discuss about automation than now? From what I’ve seen, many of us are scared of the implications of automation.