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Why BMTC is wrong (again)

Sometimes, some pieces of news bewilder you to such levels that you feel utterly hopeless about life around you. It happened to me today, when I read: BMTC seeks congestion tax on high-density corridors; bus lane trial run on ORR from Oct 20. To anyone who lives in Bangalore and commutes every day (the commute involving using at least five kilometres of the pothole-ridden adventure tracks, commonly known as “roads” in Bangalore), this is no less than a crude joke.

The economics of home ownership in Bangalore

When I was in college, my dream was to buy a house in the Kathipara area in Chennai. I was a simple, unthoughtful middle-class child back then. As an unthoughtful middle-class child, my nature was to roll with the mainstream, whether something mattered or not. And the mainstream, more often than not, works on sentiments. Buying a house and “settling down” is one such sentiment. When I moved to Bangalore, my aunt told me, ‘You know what?