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Can we be free of Chinese goods

Ever since Prime Minister Modi made his speech on the 12th of May 2020, Aatmanirbhar started trending. My Facebook newsfeed showed countless memes and what not, about boycotting Chinese products. Some even questioned my bravery to be able to say no to Made in China. The current situation What do we import from China? Why are we buying from China? Why does the government not hand-twist? So, no Make in India?

Panic Buying during hard times

The way the year 2020 started bordered on insane. For those in India, this effect was rather pronounced, starting from Kerala passing a resolution against the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, followed by upping of the protests across the country—Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh being the flag ship, to the incidents of dirty politics during the Delhi Elections campaigning, to the novel coronavirus going on claiming thousands of lives. We are in March already, and more and more people are suffering from COVID-19.

The economics of home ownership in Bangalore

When I was in college, my dream was to buy a house in the Kathipara area in Chennai. I was a simple, unthoughtful middle-class child back then. As an unthoughtful middle-class child, my nature was to roll with the mainstream, whether something mattered or not. And the mainstream, more often than not, works on sentiments. Buying a house and “settling down” is one such sentiment. When I moved to Bangalore, my aunt told me, ‘You know what?