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Can Governments Control Prices

Elections are going on for five of our State Assemblies: Tamilnadu, Kerala, Assam, West Bengal and Puducherry (पुदुच्चेरि, not पुडुचेर्रि). I have not followed the elections in West Bengal, Assam or Puducherry, but have been watching the progress in Tamilnadu and Kerala. And this post is about Tamilnadu. One of the claims that one of the contesting parties is making is about the price rise. They say that the prices have shot up, and that their party—if it comes to power—would work to regulate the prices.

What Justice

The number of Bollywood stars to die in three months was abnormally high in the second quarter of this year. Death of any human is sad. The circumstances of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput were salt to the wound. I subscribe to The Hindu, and the story did not get much prominence. I wondered why, because the news of the death of Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor had smacked us right in our face.

Are Government Freebies Bad

Ever since the word, “Socialist”, got added to the Preamble of our constitution—or perhaps much before that—political parties, in their manifestos, have continued to promise freebies to us citizens. This is so common, that we now take the freebies and subsidies for granted. Understand that I am not talking from a political standpoint; I am talking of politics, but not from a political standpoint. Take this post in the sense of an economy and its members, which is us; everyone of us.