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COVID and Credibility

One week is a long time sometimes. I have been waiting for some five days to make this post. On Tuesday that I received a message in one of the WhatsApp groups that I am part of, questioning the credibility of the WHO. Speaking of WhatsApp, I gave a talk at work about being a drop-out of the WhatsApp University. Check out the redone home version of the video here if it interests you.

How to survive a heart attack when alone

I am part of a family WhatsApp group, and my people are quite active there. This is my door to what is known as WhatsApp University. One of the messages I received there was about surviving a heart attack when alone. The message that followed this was: I have received this msg several times… It has intrigued me. (sic) The message reads (sic): This is from Dr. Geetha Krishnaswamy, Please give your 2min and read this:-

How to not celebrate Women's Day

When Ustraa sent me an “offers” SMS in November, “Gear up for No-shave November with Ustraa … 20% discount on all products”, I realised how meanings were being lost rapidly. No-shave November is a relatively new “observance”, and most of us Indians don’t know the meaning of it. (So, Ustraa is forgiven for now.) This post is not about No-shave November, but about a relatively old concept of Women’s Day. Did we lose sight of its meaning because it’s a pre-Millennial concept?

Capitalism, communism, socialism ... wtf-ism

Let’s face it, this is the generation of isms. Everywhere you go, every channel you pick, every Facebook page that floods your newsfeed, have one or the other form of -ism being talked about: whether it’s a meme, or a debate video (where you barely hear a thing), or a long post like this one. Needless to say, we’re all either tired, or are numb. But still, we end up retaining a part of every incomplete or complete piece we gather, only to happily use it later on, whether the understanding or the context is right or wrong—of late, mostly the latter.

Food on Fire

Howdy! It’s a Saturday evening, and I just got done with “ricing” my i3 on Ubuntu. I’m still clueless about some things, but that’s the fun part of Linux. Now, that shouldn’t be the only thing you do on weekends, right? So I thought of writing a little note to my crush. Then I decided against it. I’m getting a little too old for that. So I went ahead and started chatting with my family (chatting up the family is how humans apparently used to live).