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The other side of the Hyderabad encounter

I met a friend of mine today, and heard an interesting perspective. A light discussion began on the Hyderabad killings, from her saying, ‘I have started feeling that they could have been innocent.’ But in no time, one sentence led to another, and we were on the opposite sides—neither of us believing that the four were fully innocent, but at the same time, me standing by the Constitution and her standing by the police.

Were the Hyderabad killings right

The first piece of text I read upon waking up yesterday was that the police had killed the alleged rapists of the veterinarian in Hyderabad1. It took me a moment to let it sink in. This was like the films, where film heroes go about threatening criminals, ‘I will take you down and term it an encounter.’ I am no “liberal community”. This is important. More important is that I respect the Constitution.