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How to survive a heart attack when alone

I am part of a family WhatsApp group, and my people are quite active there. This is my door to what is known as WhatsApp University. One of the messages I received there was about surviving a heart attack when alone. The message that followed this was: I have received this msg several times… It has intrigued me. (sic) The message reads (sic): This is from Dr. Geetha Krishnaswamy, Please give your 2min and read this:-

My First 100 km Bicycle Ride

Before I start, let me mention, very clearly, that I’m just a beginner cyclist. Sometimes I like to push myself to my limits to see where I stand. As I go through these experiences, I learn more about myself, and this post is just an observation, thinking it might help someone looking to go on a long bicycle ride; some things to consider, some facts, and probable best practices. It had been long since I’d been on a long ride.