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The Bengaluru Perimeter Ride

There are times when you start doubting yourself when people get into your head and make you believe what they say; no matter how much you tell yourself that they speak out of ignorance. I’m a skinny guy, by which I mean I look thin. It is very often that people look at me and be like, “Dude, you must be kidding,” whenever there is a talk of any physical activity.

Meetin’ a close friend o' yers after over a year…

Well I thought I must write this. These thoughts were the ones that came when I was running to the theatre from my best friend’s place this evening… bear with me if the thought flow is weird; can’t help it. In fact I’m writing this after I wrote what I wrote below. Okay so there I was standin at the door at about three in the afternoon. I’d rung the bell and was wondering if it’d rung inside looking at the dead elevator – I thought the building was outta power then (i was wearing my earphones and playin ‘Turn the page’ and couldn’t hear a thing of the outside world).