The Late Realisation

Today was a good day. Apart from visiting our relative with my parents, I also met with a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time. While replaying the happenings of the day in my head before going to bed, I realised what a semi-dramatic scene it was. Here goes:

I get down near Bangalore Central, Jayanagar, at the other side of the road. I cross the road, while my friend calls. I reach the median, pick the call, and tell her that I’d be there in a minute. I cross the other half of the road, and reach the very end of the complex. I walk a couple of metres, and I see her walking down the parking ramp (I have no idea why she did that). I jump the little railing, and run to her without making a sound. She turns to face the mall—luckily away from me—I slide in right behind her. And then I slightly push her towards the building. She turns, gives me her (awesome) signature smile, which is accompanied by a hug. While recovering from the happiness, I look around to see a score of pairs of eyes drilling my head.

I don’t know what that reaction is. But then, I leave it at that for the moment. Because when you’re with someone whom you’ve met after a long time, what you do is catch up.

But when I went to bed a few moments ago, I rewound the whole scene in my head, and thought, ‘Darn, I know why I got the dirty look.’ What I did was like a cliché scene from one of the South Indian movies! I couldn’t help but smile.

Too short a post by Ram Iyer standards, but that’s all I got for today. Good night, now!